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 Natural Asthma Remedies - How Toxic Chemicals May Be Causing Your Asthma

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Natural Asthma Remedies - How Toxic Chemicals May Be Causing Your Asthma Empty
PostSubject: Natural Asthma Remedies - How Toxic Chemicals May Be Causing Your Asthma   Natural Asthma Remedies - How Toxic Chemicals May Be Causing Your Asthma I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 21, 2016 1:23 am

You may be shocked to learn
according to the EPA, most homes
have airborne concentrations of
hazardous and toxic chemicals that
are two to five times higher indoors
than outdoors. In one five-year study
the EPA reported that a number of
homes had chemical levels that were seventy times
higher inside the homes than outside! Learn how
toxic chemicals in your home may be causing your
Most consumer products we use every day contain
over sixty-three hazardous products which includes
hundreds of different toxic chemicals. The products
we clean our homes with are filled with toxic
chemicals. We use these products with no
protection at all and with no ventilation. Industry
workers are required to wear special gloves and
goggles when dealing with chemicals just like the
ones we use every day.
We assume that just because the products are sold
in the stores that they are safe to use. Toxic
chemicals can enter our bodies by swallowing,
absorbing through the skin, and breathing the air.
Here is a list of some dangers of using cleaning
TIDE & CHEER DETERGENT: Can cause temporary
respiratory tract irritation. Can cause asthma
CLOROX: Eye, skin and respiratory irritant.
Especially hazardous to people with heart conditions
or asthma.
LYSOL DISINFECTANT: Eye, skin, respiratory tract
DEODORANT SOAP: may cause cancer; causes
asthma; irritates lungs.
TOILET BOWL CLEANER: very toxic, causes skin,
nose, throat, and lung burns
And many more...
Breathing in the toxic fumes may cause serious
reactions such as burning eyes, runny noses,
headaches, problems breathing, etc. Touching the
products with your skin may cause skin rashes not
only that the toxic chemicals go straight to your
People with existing lung conditions such as asthma
should avoid all toxic products especially the use of
aerosol products according to The American Lung
If you still aren't convinced that chemicals in your
home are making you sick then take a look at the
list below:
The following household products are considered
hazardous waste according to the San Francisco
Household Hazardous Waste Program. This is only
just a few:
- Ammonia cleaners
- Chlorine bleach
- Cleansers
- Disinfectants
- Furniture and floor polish
- Oven cleaner
Because household products are considered
hazardous materials, the government does not
allow us to throw them in the trash. Any toxic
cleaning product must be disposed of by a special
Household Hazardous Waste pick-up and placed in
special toxic-waste dumps.
What does this really mean for you - toxic chemicals
in our household cleaners are making us sick.
Asthma sufferers are especially sensitive to
chemicals because when we breathe in the toxic
chemicals our immune system goes in overdrive.
We react by wheezing, shortness of breath,
coughing, even asthma attacks.
Why are we using these products when they are
considered hazardous waste and may cause serious
health issues like asthma?
To claim your FREE copy of "How To Defeat Your
Asthma Without Costly or Dangerous Drugs"
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Natural Asthma Remedies - How Toxic Chemicals May Be Causing Your Asthma
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