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 What Muslims think of the Brussels attacks

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What Muslims think of the Brussels attacks Empty
PostSubject: What Muslims think of the Brussels attacks   What Muslims think of the Brussels attacks I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 24, 2016 1:51 am

Islamic State terror attacks claimed at
least 34 lives yesterday when Brussels
was targeted.
The three explosions, two at Brussels
airport and a third at Maalbeek
Metrostation, are estimated to have
injured 198 people.
Members of the Muslim
community have
described their sadness at
the senseless violence.
When asked what would
be going through their
head while praying today
Muslims of Reddit spoke
of ‘sincere sadness, rage
and a determination to be
‘Three things: Profound
and sincere sadness for the victims.
People were senselessly murdered, and I
feel sick about that. My family members
work in a major city, and could just as
easily be killed the next time. I pray that
God gives the dead peace, the injured
their health back, and the affected
families the patience and strength to
‘Rage at Isis: I am more angry at them for
murdering in my name, than I could ever
be at someone who tars all of us with the
same brush as a result. I pray that God
punishes them, and rids us of this
‘Determination to be better: I feel the
need to put my head down, work extra
hard, be unfailingly kind, and do the
best I can. I look like an obvious Muslim,
and I hope that people will see me as an
example of how not all Muslims are ISIS
assholes. As a community, we are
already vigilant and already report
suspicious people to the authorities for
investigations. We need to do a better
job. I pray that God helps me and my
community in achieving these goals,’ said
user iamtheapprentice.
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What Muslims think of the Brussels attacks
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